Bayfront’s Sustainable Finance Framework demonstrates how we intend to issue green, social or sustainability notes, through infrastructure asset-backed securities (IABS). Sustainability notes are notes where the proceeds will be applied to finance or re-finance a combination of both eligible green loans and eligible social loans (as defined in the Sustainable Finance Framework). The issuance of green, social or sustainability notes will help to deliver positive environmental and/or social outcomes, which support Bayfront’s sustainability strategy and vision.

Our Sustainable Finance Framework is developed in alignment with the below sustainable finance principles and guidelines:

  • International Capital Market Association Green Bond Principles 2018 (ICMA GBP)
  • International Capital Market Association Social Bond Principles 2020 (ICMA SBP)
  • International Capital Market Association Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2018 (ICMA SBG)
  • ASEAN Capital Markets Forum ASEAN Green Bond Standards 2018 (ASEAN GBS)
  • ASEAN Capital Markets Forum ASEAN Social Bond Standards 2018 (ASEAN SBS)
  • ASEAN Capital Markets Forum ASEAN Sustainability Bond Standards 2018 (ASEAN SUS)

The key pillars of our Sustainable Finance Framework include:

  1. Use of Proceeds
  2. Project Evaluation and Selection
  3. Management of Proceeds
  4. Reporting
  5. External Review

Green and Social Eligibility

The net proceeds of green, social and/or sustainability notes issued by Bayfront will be used to finance the purchase of eligible green and/or social loans, which will contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) as listed below (this list is not exhaustive given the interconnectedness of the SDGs).

Eligible Green Loans

Green Eligible Category Contribution to the SDGs
Renewable energy
Clean transportation
Pollution prevention and control
Sustainable water and wastewater management

Eligible Social Loans

Social Eligible Category Contribution to the SDGs
Affordable basic infrastructure
Access to essential services

Note: The net proceeds raised by green, social and/or sustainability notes issued by Bayfront will not be used to finance any loans to coal related projects (whether coal-fired power generation, coal mining, processing or transport). Other applicable exclusionary criteria are outlined in our Exclusion List

Bayfront’s Sustainable Finance Documents

Bayfront Sustainable Finance Framework Bayfront Sustainable Finance Framework – Second Party Opinion Bayfront Infrastructure Capital II Class A1-SU Notes – Pre-Issuance Report