ESG Framework

Bayfront’s ESG Framework is made up of three key pillars to ensure comprehensive environmental, social and governance risk assessment is undertaken on all of its loan and bond investments.



E&S Framework

  • Assess expected E&S impacts of projects financed and rate the residual E&S risks (including reputational risk)
  • Engage with borrowers, beneficiaries and other project counterparties to manage and mitigate E&S impacts post acquisition
  • Work with external stakeholders and counterparties to continuously seek improved E&S practices
  • Set out responsibilities for E&S risk identification, assessment, decision making, monitoring and escalation

Governance Risk Assessment

  • Integrate the consideration of governance related risks into the review of all investments to support consistent and effective identification of governance related risks, impact and opportunities
  • Engage with borrowers, investees and co-financiers to continuously seek improvement on governance risk management, to the extent practicable
  • Set out process and responsibilities for governance risk review and assessment

Climate Risk Assessment

  • Assess the climate based impact of every investment, from both physical risk and transition risk perspective
  • Monitor the financed carbon emissions intensity of Bayfront’s total assets under management (AUMs)
  • Align with CCH group commitment towards achieving Net Zero financed emissions for consolidated AUMs by 2050 and reducing emissions intensity from YE2021 to YE2030 by at least 30%